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About Me
Rock 'n' Pictures

Photographe amateure et passionnée de musique. Rédactrice et photographe chez Soundofbrit et IndiePopRock. Régulièrement dehors à crapahuter dans les montagnes.


Claire (@rocknpictures)

I’m Claire, a passionated photographer based in Grenoble and Paris. I specialise in live music and travel photography.

I work with three french music webzines, photographing gigs, festivals and all kind of music-related events around Paris and Grenoble.

Sound of Britain is focused on british artists.

MZK Live is a french webzine covering all types of gigs in France, London, Montreal, Belgium and Switzerland.

Music’n’Gre is a webzine promoting local acts from Grenoble.

During a gig or while traveling, I always want to tell a story through my pictures. I am always keen to take on a new adventure (in France or elsewhere), so if you have any project you want to share, feel free to contact me.

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